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Special Testing & Inspection Services in Paterson

EnviroFocus, Inc. provides its mold testing and inspection, infrared thermal imaging inspection, asbestos testing, lead testing and other specialized services throughout Paterson, New Jersey and surrounding areas. If needed, our certified inspectors can respond the same day to your property.

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EnviroFocus Services in Paterson, California

EnviroFocus offers a number of professional services in Paterson and throughout the Passaic County area. Whether you are looking to have a mold inspector visit your property to conduct mold testing and assess for damage or if you simply want to know if your water quality is healthy and safe for your family, we are here to help.

Here is a sampling of the services we can provide at your property here in Paterson:

Each of the services provided by EnviroFocus is unique depending on the property type, size, the situation and the client. While some services may seem straight-forward, each will be approached uniquely by the inspector at the time of the appointment.

When we arrive at your property in Paterson, we will address the concerns as presented by you and the property as it appears to the inspector. Everything will be explained by the inspector at the time of the appointment.


Below are brief summaries of the services we can provide for you at your property. These services are offered across the Paterson NJ area and all nearby cities:

  • Mold Inspection and Mold Testing in Paterson - A comprehensive mold inspection at your property includes a complete visual inspection by a certified inspector, testing of the air and surfaces for laboratory analysis and moisture testing to determine if hidden leaks or moisture build-up is causing a mold/allergen issue or water damage at your property. A complete report of findings is produced, utilizing the inspectors on-site analysis and equipment readings, along with results from samples analyzed by a laboratory.
  • Infrared Survey Inspection in Paterson - Infrared technology can detect variations that can signify a variety of property problems ranging from a leak and water damage to hidden mold growth. The infrared survey includes a complete visual assessment, infrared analysis of the areas of concern and other equipment readings taken on-site to product a report of findings.
  • Asbestos Testing in Paterson - Testing for asbestos can involve sampling the air, surfaces or both to determine if asbestos fibers are present. Any areas of concern can be tested for its presence. A complete report of findings is produced and includes laboratory results combined with the on-site analysis and any equipment readings taken by the inspector.
  • Lead Testing in Paterson - Lead testing can involve the use of specialized equipment or sampling methods. Air or surfaces can be tested for the presence of lead or lead dust. Any areas of concern will be inspected and tested with samples taken analyzed by a laboratory. A report of results is issued showing any issues found.
  • Radon Gas Testing in Paterson - Radon testing can determine if radon gas is present at your property and in what concentration. The testing process takes several days as special testing media must be left at the property to absorb any radon material that may be the air. Samples are processed through a laboratory and a complete report of results is produced.
  • VOC Testing in Paterson - VOC air testing can determine the presence of different potentially harmful compounds from different areas of a property. Samples taken are analyzed by a laboratory and a complete report of any findings is produced.
  • Water Quality Testing in Paterson - Water testing can determine if various regular or irregular substances are present in water and at what levels. Samples are analyzed by a laboratory and a complete report of findings is produced, detailing the results and what they can mean.
  • Soil Testing in Paterson - Soil testing can determine if harmful contaminants exist in the ground in places where it could pose a health or structural risk at your property. Harmful bacteria, sewage, pesticides and other substances could be contaminating soil. Testing can be conducted to determine if any of these contaminants exist and at what levels they are present. A complete report of laboratory results along with the inspectors notes and recommendations are included.
  • Chinese Drywall/Foreign Drywall Testing in Paterson - Special testing of drywall/sheet rock of building materials manufactured in foreign counties where health and safety codes are loosely enforced can determine if those materials contain potentially harmful contaminants. These contaminants are usually involved in the manufacturing or transportation process of these materials. Testing can determine if such volatile chemicals like carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide are contained within these materials. The final report will include all laboratory reports along with inspectors notes and readings, and interpretations.
  • Other Environmental or Special Testing in Paterson - EnviroFocus can perform a number of other services in addition to what's been described above. Please call to inquire about our other special indoor or outdoor testing and inspection services.

We provide all prices up-front with our service quotes and the service you get at your Paterson home or business will be the service you ordered. We promise that.

You can read more about the services we offer at EnviroFocus on our services page.

EnviroFocus upholds the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO)


Standing Above our Competitors

We stand above our fellow Paterson competitors in many ways. Not only are all our inspectors professionally certified, but our organization is member to organizations that ensure standards through strict guidelines and quality control checks. We always meet and beat those standards through our processes and project protocols.

Ways EnviroFocus stands above our rest throughout the Paterson area:

  • We have nearly 20 years of industry experience; Several of our employees have decades of experience in property inspection, environmental testing or similar industries.
  • Our inspectors are thoroughly trained and industry certified through organizations that uphold the guiding standards of such organizations as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • All of our field inspectors are Certified Mold Inspectors.
  • Our standards and procedures are founded upon the rules and guidelines set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • We are licensed, insured and bonded for all of the services we perform here in Paterson, NJ.
  • All of our pricing and quotes are up-front. Meaning, we provide you with the cost you are actually going to pay for the services we are offering. No hidden fees, charges or surprises when we arrive to conduct services.
  • Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry. There is no need to gouge customers to make a profit. By treating customers fairly you earn the reputation needed to maintain consistent business and keep prices fair.
  • We are rated highly as a Professional Mold Company in Paterson by real estate agents and have been referred for several years now.
  • Our firm has a broad array of specialists who work with our company to provide assistance to our clients in Paterson and the surrounding region. These include: Mold Inspectors, Home Inspectors Indoor Air Quality Professionals, Commercial Building Inspectors, Industrial Hygienists, Waterproofing Contractors, Mold Remediation Contractors, Indoor Allergy Specialists and others.

We encourage our clients to shop around with different companies. Get quotes from a few different inspectors or testing companies and find out exactly what their service entails. An educated consumer is a better consumer because they know how to spot quality. One thing you will find with EnviroFocus is that quality isn't hard to find.

We understand that you have further questions about our company and services. If you can't find your answers here online, please give us a call at 1-888-881-8067 and we'll be happy to answer them for you. Even if you simply need more information about a potential situation at your property; we are here to help.

If you are looking to get a quote for one or more of our services, or if you have a unique situation to address, please submit a quote online using our online quote form.


EnviroFocus holds several certifications for its individual inspectors and the company as a whole

Reasons to Have a Property Inspected or Tested

People often wait until an issue becomes a problem before addressing it. This could be health problems, noticeable structural damage or a strange odor or smell. It is important to understand that while there may be noticeable reasons for getting your Paterson property inspected or tested, you shouldn't wait until it becomes a potentially major problem before acting on it.

Some common signs of a particular problem:

Mold & Allergens

  • You have experienced a leak, flooding or other water damage at your Paterson property in the past year (older incidents can also produce problems if situation is hidden within walls, floors, crawlspaces or attics).
  • There are visible water stains, paint peeling, water damage on the ceiling, floor, wall or other location.
  • There is visible mold growth on the ceiling, wall, floor or in the crawlspace, attic or other location at the property.
  • A musty odor or mildew smell is noticed coming from a particular part of the house.
  • You or someone occupying the property is experiencing respiratory problems such as difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, asthma flare-ups, coughing or similar in or around the time you're occupying the property.
  • Someone is experiencing sinus or allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing, itchy or watery eyes, itchy or scratchy throat, skin rash or sensitive or itchy skin in or around the time you're occupying the property.
  • There are unusual health issues noticed by an infant or child, elder, a pregnant woman, individual recovering from surgery, someone with asthma, allergies, a respiratory disorder/disease, or an immune-compromised individual such as those with HIV-AIDS, cancer or other conditions.
  • Note: The affects of exposure to mold can be immediate or long-term. If a problem is not noticed in days or weeks, it may be seen after years of continual exposure.
  • Resources for Mold: Mold and Mildew; Toxic Mold; Indoor Allergens; Household Allergies; Mold and Your Health; Symptoms of Mold Exposure; Mold and Asthma; Common Types of Mold.

There are some important things you should look for when selecting a mold testing company or mold testing professional to examine or test at your property. This is even more important if you are potentially dealing with a toxic mold ( or "black mold" as its commonly referred to).

Before hiring a mold inspector to come to your property, ask the following questions:

  • By what standards does the company follow to perform their mold testing services and inspection service protocols? EnviroFocus follows guidelines implemented by government and international organizations such as the EPA, OSHA and WHO.
  • Is the mold inspector coming to your property in Paterson a Certified Mold Inspector? All EnviroFocus inspectors are industry certified and undergo annual re-certification and periodic on-the-job examinations.
  • Is the inspector trained and qualified to conduct a complete mold inspection of the property? Every member of the EnviroFocus team is certified and has been qualified to perform complete property mold inspections, as well as home inspections.
  • Is the mold professional or company bonded and insured for mold testing in Paterson, New Jersey? EnviroFocus is bonded and insured for the entire State of New Jersey.


  • Your property in Paterson was built before 1980.
  • Your property was built before 1980 contains any of these building products: Steam pipes, boilers or furnace ducts that are insulated with asbestos-based blankets or paper tape; resilient floor tiles made from vinyl, asphalt or rubber that contains asbestos (also the backing or adhesives used for installing vinyl sheet flooring or tiles); cement sheet, millboard and paper used as insulation around furnaces or wood burning stoves; door gaskets in furnaces, wood stoves and coal stoves; acoustic wall and ceiling coatings; soundproofing or decorative coatings sprayed on walls and ceilings; textured paints; patching and joint compounds used for walls and ceilings; asbestos cement roofing, shingles or siding; faux or artificial logs, ashes and embers sold for use or with gas-fired fireplaces.
  • You are using older household products (pre-1970s) such as fireproof gloves or blankets, stove-top pads, ironing board covers and certain hairdryers in your Paterson home.
  • Your home was built between 1930 and 1950 - many of these properties contain used asbestos directly as insulation within the walls, ceiling and floors.
  • Your property contains wall or attic insulation, or other products made from vermiculite ore that originated from Libby, New Jersey between 1923 and 1990. The vermiculite contained in this mine was contaminated with asbestos.
  • Your are using current automobile brake pads and brake linings, clutch facings and gaskets.
  • Your or someone occupying the property is gradually experiencing any of the following symptoms, often related to asbestosis, pulmonary fibrosis or lung cancer: Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath (rapid or shallow breathing); chest pain all the time or while occupying the property; deformity of the fingers or toes, typically caused by the lack of oxygen from the lungs due to asbestos inhalation - often this causes clubbing, which is the overgrowth of flesh under the fingernails and toenails; other less directly correlated symptoms include unusual weight loss, achy joints or muscles, a bluish tint of the skin and heart problems/heart failure.
  • Someone occupying the property has been diagnosed or potentially diagnosed with lung cancer, mesothelioma, pulmonary fibrosis or asbestosis.
  • Those who smoke or who have pre-existing health conditions are more susceptible to the affects of asbestos inhalation.
  • Note: The affects of asbestos exposure are usually long-term and are only noticed after years of exposure.
  • Resources for Asbestos: Asbestos; Asbestos Mesothelioma; Asbestosis


  • Your property in Paterson was built before the 1908s or contains paint on the interior or exterior from before 1980 (often newer paint was used to paint over lead-based paint so just because the house has a newer coat of paint that doesn't mean there isn't lead beneath it).
  • Your house used plumbing piping with lead or lead soldering.
  • The property was used for creating lead-based products such as lead crystal, lead-glazed pottery or porcelain, stained glass or making or refinishing furniture.
  • You or someone occupying the property (especially pregnant woman, babies or children) are experiencing any of the following symptoms: Headaches; hearing problems; behavior and learning problems, such as hyperactivity; muscle and joint pain; high blood pressure and hypertension; memory and concentration problems; nerve disorders; slowed growth; diagnosed damage to the brain and nervous system.
  • Note: Lead does not have a taste or smell if inhaled or consumed through water. The affects of lead exposure can vary depending on the amount being consumed into the body and the duration of exposure over time. The long-term health affects may not be known until one has been exposed to it for several years.
  • Resources for Lead: Lead; Lead Paint; Lead Toxicity/Lead Poisoning


  • Your or someone in your property is experiencing symptoms resembling lung cancer, such as: A persistent cough that doesn't get better and is not bettered by traditional medicine; difficulty breathing; chest pain; wheezing; hoarseness; recurring respiratory infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis; coughing up blood.
  • Someone occupying the property has been diagnosed or potentially diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Note: Radon can affect properties anywhere in the country, new or old. While there are areas that have a greater radon presence, it can be a problem anywhere. Paterson is seen as a place for moderate radon activity. Radon is odorless and is not easily detected. There is a misconceived notion that radon levels lower than government-recommended safety levels are okay. The affects of radon exposure usually occur over a long period of time. Radon is the number one cause of lung-cancer for those who don't smoke. Smokers are at a much higher risk of complications from radon exposure.
  • Resources for Radon and Radon Gas: Radon; EPA Radon Map

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  • VOCs are emitted by a wide array of products and materials. These commonly include: Paints and lacquers, paint strippers,pesticides, copiers and printers, glues and adhesives, permanent markers, photographic solutions, degreasing solutions, hobby products and cosmetics.
  • You or someone occupying your property is experiencing of any the following symptoms: Eye, nose or throat irritation; headaches; loss of coordination or dizziness; memory loss; nausea; fatigue; behavior and learning problems, such as hyperactivity; slow or stunted growth by a child; respiratory tract irritation or infection; allergic skin reaction; dyspnea; emesis; epistaxis; declines in serum cholinesterase levels; damage to liver; damage to kidney; central nervous system damage.
  • Someone occupying the property has been diagnosed or potentially diagnosed with cancer.
  • Note: The health affects of VOC exposure can show in the long-run or the short-run, depending on the chemical(s) present, the concentration of the chemical(s) in the air and environment and the type and condition of the person being exposed. VOCs are emitted by machinery and factories, as well, which affect both indoor and outdoor air. Local traffic from Paterson streets and highways, as well as manufacturing can produce higher VOC levels.
  • Resources for VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds; VOCs

Water Quality

  • You or someone occupying your property is experiencing any symptoms related to lead, radon or VOC poisoning (see sections above).
  • Someone is experiencing any of the following symptoms that can result from drinking certain protozoa, bacteria, or viruses: Diarrhea (watery or bloody), vomiting, abdominal pain, cramps, weight loss.
  • You live near: An active or inactive mine, farm or vineyard; location where pesticides or herbicides were used or produced; livestock or concentrated wildlife; factory or other manufacturing; water or sewage treatment facilities; oil or gasoline processing plants; garbage dump or refuge recycling; coal, oil or nuclear power plant; any source of chemical or biological discharge; any location where pollution or contamination if any kind is known or suspected to have occurred.
  • You receive water from a private well that is regulated by you or a neighborhood group.
  • Note: While Paterson's water is maintained by the local municipal utility, it is important to understand that this system isn't perfect. Also, your water must travel through public and private plumbing before it reaches your faucet.
  • Resources for Water and Water Quality for Paterson Residents and Businesses: Water Quality

If you would like more information on these or other potential issues we can address here in Paterson, or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to call us at 1-888-881-8067.

EnviroFocus serves Paterson, CA and all surrounding areas


Our Paterson Coverage Area

EnviroFocus services the entire Paterson area, including the neighborhoods of:

  • The Great Falls; Downtown Paterson; Eastside Park; Manor Section; South Paterson; Lakeview; Hillcrest; People's Park; Wrigley Park; Sandy Hill; Northside; Totowa Section; Stoney Road; Riverside; Bunker Hill

If you're curious whether we service your zip code, check the list below for zip codes in Paterson where we can provide your property with service:

  • 07501; 07502; 07503; 07504; 07505; 07506; 07507; 07508; 07509; 07510; 07511; 07512; 07513; 07514; 07522; 07524; 07533; 07538; 07543; 07544

We also service the areas around Paterson, New Jersey, in and around Passaic County. The following is a short list of the neighboring cities and towns where we also provide service:

  • Paterson Area; Clifton; Jersey City; Passaic; Toms River

If you are curious about our company or any of the services we can provide, you may contact us by telephone at (888) 881-8067 or by e-mailing us through our online contact form.

Company Information

Detailed information about our company and our Paterson services is available in pdf:

EnviroFocus Company Information Packet for Paterson